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Mood image at a stylish formal wedding, wife in a white wedding dress, husband in a light gray three-piece suit

Choosing the right outfit for a magical wedding day

You are looking forward to an unforgettable wedding! Time to look for the wedding suit and accessories that match the wedding style.

Initial Gold with Whale Flip Closure out of the Cufflinks Initials Collection

Formal or informal, the season or the location, are details that help determine the groom's bridal outfit.

Black Tuxedo, white shirt with black solk bow tie out of the Pini Parma Tuxedo & Eveningwear collection
White double breasted tuxedo out of the Pini Parma Tuxedo and Eveningwear collection
Tuxedo trousers, white shirt, black bow tie and black forrmal leather shoes for wedding ceremony and as eveningwear

Four classic choices: morning dress, dress suit, tuxedo or a three-piece suit.

Three-Piece Suit

A chic three piece suit is an option that finds its way between style and tradition and has a more contemporary look. A three piece suit gives you a lot of choice when it comes to variations in colors and fabrics, depending on the type of wedding or season.

Blue three-piece suit, ready to go to a wedding ceremony

Morning Dress Suit

When it comes to formal weddings that require a morning suit, the traditional (and most worn) style is a classic black robe and cashmere striped trousers, a beautiful look that lives up to tradition.

Morning Dress Suit
Black Tuxedo, white shirt with black bow tie for a classic formal wedding ceremony


Tuxedo is a choice for those planning a formal evening wedding. The classic tuxedo with waistband and shawl or pointed lapels always accompanied by a silk bow tie.

Wedding Bouquet

Classic Fit Tailcoat Tuxedo

A tailcoat is an option which should be worn because your tradition strictly demands it. Morning coats are for the UK for the early day weddings. 

A classic fit tailcoat tuxedo

Brands for a stylish wedding

Pini Parma - Logo

        Pure Italian style          Made-to-Measure

Scabal - Logo

A passion for cloth


Barbarulo - Logo
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Tradition and authenticity

Handcrafted jewelry

Sera Fine Silk - Logo
Handmade Royal Blue Self-Tie Como Silk Velvet Bow Tie
Handmade White Self-Tie  Como Silk Satin Butterfly Bow Tie
Handmade Black Como Silk Bow Tie

A symbol of inspiration
and creativity to add originality 

Handmade of the finest Italian Como silk

White Diamonds Pattern Italian Como Silk Scarf
White Italian Como Silk Satin Tie
White Ornatte Pattern Italian Como Silk Scarf
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