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Sartoria Dalcuore

Bespoke Tailoring


Luigi Dalcuore, spent half a century developing his own Dalcuore Neapolitan style.

Luigi Dalcuore founded Sartoria Dalcuore and opened his first studio at the age of 26. His daughter Cristina and her husband Damiano continue to build on the life's work and legacy that Luigi left behind, Cristina says: "He left me his eyes and hands that I will carry around the world."

gray-wool-bespoke-suit-white-pocket square-white-plain-poplin-shirt-yellow-tie-with-slanti

The security of an uncompromising tradition and at the same time the adventurous search for the right dose of dynamism and topicality, these are the factors that make every visit to Sartoria Dalcuore in Naples an experience, a privilege of each garment.

light-brown-tailored-wool-suit-blue-poplin-shirt-navy-blue-tie-with orange-horizontal-stripes-source-image-sartorial-dalcuore

Tailoring is among the most widespread and esteemed Neapolitan workers in the world, made up of history and tradition. The path of a handmade dress is a work of art, an experience.

Dalcuore suit, a comfort to try, suitable for the daily needs of the true gentleman.

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