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Hotel Vernet was built in 1913, at the end of the glorious Belle Epoque period. The classical coving and columns, the wrought iron elevator, the gilded marble fireplaces and the stained glass ceiling by Gustave Eiffel are original preserved elements.

François Champsaur, architect, brought the Haussman building into a new contemporary zeitgeist by using a subdued color palette, contemporary furniture and minimalist artwork.

The hotel houses restaurant V where Chef Richard Robe serves original, fresh and refined creations, full of delicate flavours to tantalise the taste buds and spend a great evening, with the added bonus of perfect service, masterfully orchestrated by Rémi Gouaichault. 

The perfect setting for a special occasion, where the refined cuisine encompasses a classic repertoire with new combinations of flavours.

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Hotel Vernet manages to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, "home away from home" with plenty of space and privacy. The concept of "customer focus" is honored here at all levels and at all times with impeccable top quality service with elegance, style and taste.

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25 Rue Vernet 
75008 Paris, France

Hotel Vernet

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