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Silvano Lattanzi

Fatto a Mano

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Woven in Every Stitch: Silvano Lattanzi Handcrafted Shoes

Silvano Lattanzi Shoes

Rome, via Bocca di Leone. A studio where an unusual artist, a dedicated passionate craftsman and his team hold on to years of tradition.
He makes all the shoes by hand! Silvano di Lattanzi!

Handmade, a quick-mouthed statement attached to anything with the slightest semblance of handicraft.

Silvano Lattanzi Handmade shoes

Lattanzi not only constructs a hand-made shoe with custom precision, but he also constructs an individual last (shoe shapes) for each customer.

He then guides and participates in every step of the process.

Silvano Lattanzi / Bespoke Shoes

To hide the stitching as much as possible, Lattanzi constructs an inverted double brim - the upper part of the shoe is sewn inside out and then turned over. “Hand making has to be perfect, absolutely perfect. You can't do it if you have other things on your mind. You have to have a happy atmosphere and total, total dedication.”

Silvano Lattanzi / Luxury Italian Shoes

Aware that its product is suitable for a small percentage of the population, and the difficulties this can entail, Lattanzi's interests are fully focused on maintaining the quality

Shoe Care Products
Shoe Care Products

Via Gesù, 11

20121 Milano MI

+39 0734810359


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