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Stile Latino

by Vincenzo Attolini

Stile Latino's unites Neapolitan craftsmanship with modern panache, redefining elegance for today's discerning gentleman.

Dressing today's man with yesterday's elegance is the driving force behind the Stile Latino brand,


Stile Latino dresses the modern man and replaces the idea of ​​strict, formal elegance with a more casual lifestyle.

A style with elegance, sophistication and a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.


Authentic Neapolitan Sartoria in modern, lightweight smart-casual jackets and suits with the perfect fit.


Handmade to the highest standards, Stile Latino suits and smart-casual jackets exude Italian casualness and give a certain lightness to the classic elegance of menswear, where it is perfectly acceptable to combine a suit with a knitted polo.

Elegant design, the highest quality craftsmanship and a unique comfort make the Italian label stand out and receive international recognition. 


Fusion of Timeless Elegance and Contemporary Style

Stile Latino—where every thread weaves a story of dedication, a tale of grace, and a pledge to dress you for the journey of a lifetime, where yesterday's elegance merges seamlessly with today's spirit, and where your journey is our passion.

Stile Latino's Signature Blend of Italian Casualness and Exceptional Craftsmanship

 Commitment to Elegance and the Modern Journey

*The Origin of the Published Photo's can be found on the Internet

Sugar Ripasso Pocket Square out of the Sera Fine Silk Italian Wine collection
Elder Prosecco Pocket Square out of the Sera Fine Silk Italian Wine Collection

Make a statement that resonates with your individuality and impeccable fashion sense.


Our handmade pocket squares are not just accessories; they are works of art that reflect your unique personality and desire to stand out.

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