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Edward Sexton

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Join the ranks of fashion icons and style icons alike with menswear from the legendary Edward Sexton brand.

Edward Sexton Suits / Shirts

The eponymous brand, Edward Sexton, is synonymous with bespoke suits and jackets that combine traditional tailoring techniques with contemporary styles. In this essay, we will delve deeper into the Edward Sexton brand, its history, design philosophy, and signature styles.

Edward Sexton has captured an extraordinary sense of the avant-garde in his work throughout his career; of subtle sex appeal, glamour, style or verve.

Edward Sexton began his career as an apprentice to the famous tailor, Frederick Scholte, in the early 1960s. He went on to work at the iconic Savile Row tailoring house, Kilgour, French & Stanbury, before setting up his own business in 1982. Since then, the Edward Sexton brand has become a symbol of British craftsmanship, elegance, and style.

From his studio at Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge, Sexton and his team create stylish elegant couture suits, jackets and accessories, based on Edward's uncompromising understanding of design and his dedication to handcrafted tailoring while respecting the highest possible standards.

Edward's dedication to the precise art of handcrafting clothing with the aesthetic balance and the need to create an elegant garment makes a Sexton suit achieve a unique balance of softness, richness and an expressive silhouette with a touch of English eccentricity.

At the heart of the Edward Sexton brand is a commitment to bespoke tailoring. Every suit or jacket is made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit and unique design. Edward Sexton's bespoke service begins with a consultation, where the client's measurements and style preferences are taken into account. The brand's experienced tailors then use traditional tailoring techniques to create a one-of-a-kind garment that is tailored to the client's body and taste.

Edward Sexton creation

Image from the Edward Sexton Instagram page

In addition to bespoke tailoring, the Edward Sexton brand offers a range of ready-to-wear garments, including suits, jackets, trousers, and shirts. These garments are made to the same exacting standards as the bespoke pieces and are designed to appeal to a wider audience. The brand's ready-to-wear collection includes classic styles as well as more contemporary designs, catering to a range of tastes and preferences.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Edward Sexton brand is its use of luxurious fabrics. The brand works with the finest wool, cashmere, and silk fabrics from some of the world's most prestigious mills. The brand's use of high-quality materials ensures that every garment is not only stylish but also durable and comfortable to wear.

Edward Sexton Bespoke Jacket and Shirt
Edward Sexton / London / Saville Roxw

The Edward Sexton brand is known for its distinctive design philosophy, which blends traditional tailoring techniques with modern design sensibilities. The brand's signature style is characterized by soft, unstructured jackets with a natural shoulder line, a slightly elongated silhouette, and a high button stance. These design elements give Edward Sexton jackets a relaxed, effortless look that is both timeless and contemporary.

Edward Sexton Suit

The Edward Sexton brand has a loyal following among celebrities, politicians, and style-conscious men around the world. Its designs have been worn by icons such as Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and George Michael, among others. The brand has also been featured in numerous publications, including GQ, Esquire, and The New York Times, further cementing its reputation as one of the world's premier menswear brands.

the Edward Sexton brand is a testament to the art of bespoke tailoring. Its commitment to traditional techniques, modern design, and luxurious materials has made it a favorite among discerning men worldwide. Whether you are looking for a bespoke suit or a ready-to-wear jacket, the Edward Sexton brand offers a unique blend of elegance, style, and sophistication that is sure to make you look and feel your best.

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