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Paolo Scafora

Fatto a Mano

Paolo Scafora shoes are favored by style-conscious individuals who appreciate the combination of timeless elegance and modern aesthetics.

Paolo Scafora bespoke classic shoes
Paolo Scafora Green Boots

Paolo Scafora understands better than anyone that, as the basis of any well-dressed men's wardrobe, his shoes say more about him than anything else he wears, so their design and quality are crucial.


The Paolo Scafora logo embodies the roots, tradition and Neapolitan pride of the family business.

Indeed, the heart of the logo is the coat of arms of "Terra di Lavoro" (Land of Work), the former province of the Kingdom of Naples, described by the historian Scipione Mazzella in his "Descrittione del Regno di Napoli" (1601). In the center there are two cornucopia surrounded by a royal crown and filled with the products of "Campania Felix", the very fertile region celebrated in ancient Rome.

In this logo, the coat of arms is embellished with two rampant lions, symbols of strength and bravery.

At the bottom are two inscriptions: "Genius Loci", the supernatural entity that protects the territory and hard work of the local communities; Neapolis, the beloved city of Naples that keeps an incomparable tradition of craftsmanship alive century after century.

Handmade Shoe out of Calfsscin
Paolo Scafora - Brown bespoke  formal shoe

Paolo Scafora was born in Naples in 1974. As a child he developed a deep passion for shoe making. While playing with his brothers in their father's workshop, he was fascinated by the scents and colors of the leather hides and by the rhythmic and persistent sounds of the shoemaker's tools. As a teenager he learned the secrets of handicrafts after school. When he turned twenty, he moved to Milan to improve his knowledge of shoe design techniques. For example, he combined manual skills and design creation in the manufacture of handmade tailor-made shoes, the fame of which quickly spread abroad.

After a few years, Paolo decided to return to Naples, where he and his brothers created the luxury brand that took its own name.

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