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Case Latine - Lama Corse - external view
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Haute-Corse, a wonderful environment of authentic villages, where it is good to breathe the air of the Corsican maquis and the sea. There, in the medieval village of Lama, is an admirable haven to store your bags.


La Case Latine clings to the rocky promontory, like a balcony suspended between sea and sky, peacefully dominating the village of Lama overlooking the Ostricni Valley.



Enjoy a drink on the terraces around two beautiful infinity pools while soaking in the pyrotechnic symphony of the sunset over the sea, the mountains and the medieval village of Lama. Let your eyes and mind wander freely from the snowy peaks to the delta and the beaches of Ostroconi.


Intimacy, peace and serenity, so that you can fully relax and enjoy.


As soon as you arrive you will find that this location is a magical place.

Case Latine - Lama Corse - View on the pool
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