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Why Bespoke?

Your clothes radiate your personality!

Be it a vest, suit, pants or shirt - not to mention your shoes - reflect who you are.


By dressing decently, you are sending a clear message to others without words. You do not come to install plumbing!


Authenticity in clothing is 'cool' and stylish.


Stop thinking that suits and jackets are outdated, don't fit within the current (company) culture...

Bespoke Tailoring, Made-To-Measure, Ready-To Wear. What's the difference between?

Bespoke man's suit in progress

The beauty of Bespoke

Bespoke Tailoring is a piece of Art made just for you by an Artisan. It fits like a second skin, elevates and empowers you, whilst being a joy to wear. 

No two bodies are the same, and so no two garments are the same.

Specific for bespoke tailoring:
      - Multiple, up to 50 measurements
​      - A new pattern is created for each individual customer
      - Multiple fittings during creation of the garment.  
      - Most of have a selection out of 10 mills
      - No limit on options, regardless of complexity


Made-To-Measure (MTM)

Made To Measure garments is a type of custom clothing that can be altered to your frame using a standard-sized pattern, which means that whilst you can experience some modification to meet your specifications.

Made-To-Measure makes use of existing standerd patterns and modifies these standardized patterns to take your body shape differences into account, like jacket length and shoulder width. No fittings are foreseen during the creation fase, only a take of your measurements. Make-To-Measure tailors can propose several customization options such as: the number of buttons, the pant pleats you want, the ty of cuffs, the pocket styles... However, since Made-To-Measure uses a set pattern, the amount of customization is limited.




Patterns of a man's suit

Manufacturers produce the garments for a general fit or the average person for a particular standardized size.

Ready-To-Wear Suits / Shirts
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