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Chittleborough & Morgan

Bespoke Tailors

British Bespoke Tailoring at Its Finest

Chittleborouh & Morgan shop interior

The Chittleborough & Morgan style is one that is characterized by timeless elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail. Whether you are looking for a traditional three-piece suit or a contemporary jacket, Chittleborough & Morgan is a brand that embodies the best of British bespoke tailoring, providing customers with garments of exceptional quality and style.

The Chittleborough & Morgan style is typified by clean, sharp lines, with a focus on perfect fit and proportion. The company's tailors are experts in creating garments that flatter the wearer's body, providing a comfortable and flattering fit that is unparalleled in the fashion industry. This is achieved through a meticulous bespoke process that involves taking precise measurements and creating a pattern that is unique to each individual client.

The Chittleborough & Morgan style also emphasizes the use of premium materials. The company only uses the finest fabrics, sourced from some of the world's most respected mills. From the luxurious feel of pure wool to the rich texture of silk, every material used in a Chittleborough & Morgan garment is carefully selected to ensure the highest level of quality. The company's craftsmen take great care in every step of the bespoke process, from cutting the fabric to hand-stitching the final seams.

In addition to its focus on quality and craftsmanship, the Chittleborough & Morgan style is also known for its attention to detail. The company's tailors take great care in every aspect of the garment-making process, from the choice of buttons to the placement of pockets. This attention to detail ensures that each Chittleborough & Morgan garment is a work of art, a testament to the company's commitment to creating garments of the highest quality.

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