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The Huntsman

Bespoke Tailoring

Huntsman Logo / London / Saville Row
Charcoal cashmere fly fronted
The Huntsman hopsack Jacket

The Huntsman hopsack jacket is a must-have transitional jacket for any gentleman’s wardrobe. The 2 and 2 construction of the cloth and open weave makes this jacket light, airy and comfortable. Perfect with your favourite sweater to see you through the Autumn. Available in navy, petrol blue and light grey, it can easily be paired with cotton or flannel trousers for both business and leisure.

The Huntsman-Sport Jacket

Cut from cloth crafted using yarn spun into a soft blend of Merino and Shetland wool procured directly from the Isle of Shetland itself — This is one of the finest micron counts to be found in all of Britain — this Sports Jacket embodies the sublime, earthy elegance known only to the Isle of Shetland.

Camel Cashmere 3B SB Fly Front Overcoat

Charcoal cashmere fly fronted, Chesterfield overcoat. The ‘Beaver‘ finishing frees the fabric from potential pilling and actually improves it’s appearance over time

The Huntsman-raincoat

This Raincoat Has A Classic Fit. Raglan Sleeve Constructio. Which Can Be Worn Separately. The Coat Is Stone Weatherproof​.Breathable​. Ventile Fabric 100% Cotton. 

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