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Men's Shirts

Fatto a Mano in Italy

Experience the superior fit and comfort of the Elegant Lifestyle Shirts

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Men's Egyption Cotton Shirts

Exuding perpetual refinement and elegance, the luxurious garments are crafted using the finest single-fold threads spun from the prized Egyptian cotton.

At the core of these garments quality lies the meticulous selection of raw materials, exclusively opting for Giza 45 cotton and Giza 87 cotton, the exceptional Egyptian cotton meticulously monitored directly in the cotton fields.

Behold the pinnacle of luxury: our Giza 45 cotton, sourced exclusively from the renowned Thomas Mason. As for our illustrious Giza 87 cotton, it hails from none other than the esteemed Cotonificio Albini. In our quest for perfection, we spare no effort in procuring the finest materials, ensuring every thread tells a tale of opulence and sophistication.

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Men's Linen Shirts

Linen, derived from flax cultivated primarily in Europe, particularly in Normandy, stands out as the world's finest fiber, deeply embedded in European history and tradition.

This exceptional raw material possesses a distinct personality, providing a broad spectrum of stylistic possibilities that breathe life into the creativity of men's shirts. The unique quality of linen yarn lies in its irregular, "alive" nature, capable of movement, differentiation, and adding character to a fabric. It can manifest in myriad appearances, featuring original textures and tactile sensations, ranging from compact to games of transparency.

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