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Château de Trigance

Hotel Château de Trigance is a historic castle located in the charming village of Trigance in southeastern France. The castle was originally built in the 11th century and served as a strategic defense structure during the Middle Ages.

The style of Hotel Château de Trigance is a mix of historic charm and modern luxury. The castle's stone walls, and original features create a sense of medieval grandeur, while the modern amenities and furnishings provide comfort and convenience for guests


In 1961, a new era begun, The Hartmann family, aim to restore what's done, For ten years they labored, to bring back its glory, But fate had other plans, it's not the end of the story.

The Thomas family, stumbled upon its charm, A timeless hotel restaurant, on April 4, 1971, A career that lasted, 50 years of excellence, A gold medal for tourism, proof of their competence.

Guillaume Thomas, son of Jean Claude and Anne-Marie, Carried on the legacy, with rigor and efficiency, He enriched the place, with his personal touch, Managed with mastery, never leaving much.

The Thomas family, marked their place in time, 27 years of hard work, and passion that never declined, Now, as their 22nd birthday dawns, A new chapter begins, with fresh hands to carry on.

Hortense Quevatre and Theo Barberis, the new team, A challenge awaits them, but they are a dream, To continue the adventure, with insatiable need, To satisfy their guests, and make them never want to leave.

The Château de Trigance, a castle of ages, A place of luxury and history, that inspires the sages, With the new team, the adventure continues on, Satisfying the senses of guests, until the break of dawn.

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