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Master Shirtmaker Wil Whiting

Indulge in the ultimate luxury and style with bespoke shirts crafted by Wil Whiting - the epitome of sartorial excellence.

Wil Whiting is not your average shirt maker. His exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail take your bespoke shirt to the next level. With a limited number of shirts produced each year in his London atelier, Wil offers a personalized service that ensures you get exactly what you're looking for. From the right fabric weave to the perfect fit, Wil Whiting focuses on quality and details to deliver a one-of-a-kind shirt that truly embodies the essence of "bespoke."

Having honed his skills across the globe, Wil's approach to shirt making breaks down the strict rules and standards of the craft to create something truly unique. His shirts are all about fit and style customization, featuring a vast range of one-offs, extreme finishing, and unlimited fittings until the perfect fit is achieved.

Get the perfect fit and unparalleled quality with bespoke shirts handcrafted by Wil Whiting.

In today's world, the shirt is no longer just a formal piece. We wear them casually and business casual, without ties, in a specific contemporary style. Wil Whiting's shirts reflect this trend, with subtle cuff stitching details, slight curves to the cuff edge, the highest grade quality mother of pearl buttons, and a combination of hand and machine sewing. Even the buttonhole color matches the stripe!

Today we wear a shirt without a tie, a more casual or business casual style. A specific contemporary style, where a button or buttonhole at the collar no longer has any function.

Cuff stitching detail, a slight curve to the cuff edge, the highest grade quality mother of pearl buttons, a combination of hand and machine sewing, buttonhole colour matching the stripe

More hand sewing detail, like buttonholes, on a full hand finished shirt. There is no compromise on this piece, it's designed to showcase the finest level of had craft, whilst maintaining durability.

Evening shirt with Marcella collar, cuffs and bib.

Experience the artistry and attention to detail of a true master shirtmaker with Wil Whiting's bespoke shirt collection.

Wil's full hand-finished shirts are the epitome of his exceptional craftsmanship. They showcase the finest level of handcrafting while maintaining durability. Each shirt is meticulously crafted with more hand-sewn details, like buttonholes, to create a one-of-a-kind piece that you'll be proud to wear.

And before you shine in your personalized shirt, Wil takes you through a series of steps to ensure the perfect fit. First, he takes your measurements and discusses your preferences. Then, multiple fittings are carried out to obtain the ultimate personalized shirt. When you finally try it on for the first time, it's a wow moment - a solid start with plenty of work to do, but you're already impressed.

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