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The Art of Bespoke Shirtmaking: Luca Avitabile's Handcrafted Masterpieces

Discover the Meticulous Craftsmanship and Tradition Behind Naples' Renowned Shirtmaker

Luca Avitabile

Luca Avitabile is a renowned bespoke shirtmaker from Naples, Italy, who creates unique, handmade shirts for his clients. Avitabile believes that the difference between a shirt and a masterpiece lies in the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into its creation. His shirts are made using the highest-quality fabrics, including cotton, linen, and silk-blend yarns from mills like Sictess, Thomas Mason, and Carlo Riva.

Tailored to Perfection: The Obsessive Attention to Detail Behind Luca Avitabile's Bespoke Shirts"

Limitless consists mainly of finest, lightweight Merino wool.
Limitless Striped - Limitless consists mainly of finest, lightweight Merino wool.

What sets Avitabile apart from other craftsmen is that he personally cuts each and every shirt, without exception, ensuring that every piece is tailored to perfection. His process begins with a consultation aimed at understanding the client's needs, wishes, and personality, which is then translated into recommendations for the most suitable fabric, collar style, body cut, and all the details. Avitabile's shirts are also known for their unique collar interlining, which he draws and cuts by hand to ensure that the collar holds up well and doesn't collapse, even when worn without a jacket or tie.

Avitabile's family has been involved in the tailoring business for almost a century, with his grandmother Emilia Calabi working as a seamstress at Camiceria Kiurli in Naples in 1927. In 1948, Emilia established her own tailoring workshop near Naples' central station, with Avitabile's grandfather doing the selling and Emilia doing the sewing. Avitabile's father later joined the family business in the 1960s and moved the workshop to San Giorgio a Cremano, where Avitabile grew up surrounded by sewing machines and fabrics.

Craftsmanship at its Finest: A Journey into the World of Luca Avitabile's Handmade Shirts

Valerio Overshirt are designed to be worn on top of your shirt/polo/t-shirt, they are made with regular shirt collar and features front patch pockets and center box pleat.
Valerio Overshirt are designed to be worn on top of your shirt/polo/t-shirt

Avitabile's shirts are handmade in his atelier in Naples, with obsessive attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship. His brand of bespoke shirting is relatively new, and he describes it as "a small, family business" that makes just a few shirts per month. Avitabile takes great pride in his shirts' perfect fit, which he achieves through careful selection of the most suitable fabrics and attention to every single stitch. His shirts have a classic style without looking old or too formal, reflecting the traditions of handwork combined with a fresh look.

Customers praise Avitabile's collars, which stand proud when worn unbuttoned and tieless, resisting slipping below a jacket's lapels. It's a quality shared by his polo shirts, which are designed to be tucked in and cut long, with tails like a shirt, so they do not come out of the trousers and have a cleaner finish through the waist. Avitabile, taking inspiration not only from Neapolitan tailors but also from the clients he meets on his travels. He says, "Experience, passion, and research – this to me is the essence of bespoke shirtmaking."

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