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Capri Collection

Double savoy knot


MATERIALS: sterling silver - bronze
SIZE: 16 mm


Capri is an island that has the immediate power of opening our minds with the unique wonders of its sea. It is yo this island we dedicate the charm it is loaded with. Discover the allure of Capri with our double Savoy knot cufflinks. Inspired by the island's stunning sea and natural beauty, this cufflinks are designed to elevate your style with a touch of charm and sophistication. Shop now and experience the timeless elegance of Capri with our unique and captivating accessory.




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Gemellidapolso Srl guarantees the authenticity of all the products in the catalog and the highest quality of all the materials used in the manufacture. Furthermore, each jewel is guaranteed on the authenticity of the precious stones and on the title of the precious metal. All items are accompanied by a warranty certificate that certifies their authenticity and are new.
All the products on sale are accompanied by a guarantee certificate which certifies the authenticity of the product purchased, with all the fundamental characteristics: - The guarantee lapses in the event of improper use or tampering with the object. - All jewels are accompanied by a guarantee certificate from the manufacturer and are guaranteed for 24 months, as well as by the indications in the specific guarantee booklet.
The warranty of the items purchased on this website is valid for two years, and is valid nationally and / or internationally.
The times of warranty repairs can vary from 60 to 70 working days. N.B. Gemellidapolso Srl reserves the right to request a photograph of the item in order to verify whether the damaged product is suitable for warranty repair.
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  • This product can be shipped in a Barbarulo gift box with a personalized message on letterheaded paper Barbarulo Napoli 1894

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  • Sterling silver: 

    Silver alloyed with copper, which consists of 92,5% pure silver and 7,5% copper.


    Sterling silver is also stamped to indicate that it is genuine sterling silver. These stamps are usually "925" or "92.5" or ".925" to indicate the purity of the silver in them.


    It is easy to clean and will not rust or decay with the normal use.


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