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City of Naples by night
Sartoria Bespoke Tailoring

Passion for Fashion in a Neapolitan habitat

The inhabitants of Naples are probably the most expressive Europeans. A culture of life full of passion, tradition, excellence in craftsmanship and a passion for elegance.


Naples is the cradle of handmade menswear. You don't come to Naples to shop, you come here for bespoke tailoring.


It honors the tradition of handmade clothing by hundreds of tailors and shirt makers in the city and surrounding area, and thousands of residents who work in small factories or sew by hand at home.


Naples is the right place for bespoke craftmanship. The right place for the right suit, jacket, shirt, shoe...

Worthy of a visit for the elegant gentleman, his friends, the whole family. An authentic experience where we link a visit to many bespoke craftsmen, a visit to Naples, and its beautiful surroundings.

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Sartoria Dalcuore

Discover the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and sartorial elegance at Sartoria Dalcuore. Whether you seek a bespoke suit for a momentous occasion or a ready-to-wear jacket for everyday refinement, our brand offers the ultimate experience. Immerse yourself in the sophistication and luxury of Neapolitan tailoring, where every stitch embodies timeless style and impeccable artistry. Indulge in the finest Italian craftsmanship with Sartoria Dalcuore.

Sartoria Dalcuore - Bespoke Tailoring

Luca Avitabile

Luc Avitabile - Master Shirtmaker

Stile Latino

Stile Latino - Neapolitan Tailor


Barbarulo - Cufflinks

Sartoria Tofani

Sartoria Tofani - Bespoke Tailoring

Paolo Scafora

Paolo Scafora - Handcrafted Men's Shoes

Alfredo Rifugio

In the enchanting world of Italian fashion, where elegance and sophistication reign supreme, a singular name shimmers like a blushing blossom of sartorial brilliance - Alfredo Rifugio. Revered and adored for their impeccable artistry in meticulously handcrafting exquisite leather garments, this extraordinary brand has flawlessly interwoven an array of sumptuous materials, intricate details, and unmatched craftsmanship, thereby metamorphosing their creations into resplendent masterpieces of wearable allure. Each individual piece radiates an aura of opulence and exclusivity, effortlessly tailored to satiate the refined palates of their discerning clientele, all while bearing the coveted hallmark of distinction - the illustrious "Made in Italy" label.

Alfredo Rifugio - Handcrafted Leather Jackets and Shirts

Antonio Meccariello

 With a lifelong commitment to his craft, Meccariello has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest shoemakers in Italy and beyond. His relentless dedication to traditional techniques and unwavering attention to detail sets him apart in the world of shoemaking.


you can trust that each pair is a testament to Meccariello's artistry and passion. From the carefully selected materials to the precision stitching, every element is thoughtfully executed to deliver footwear that exudes timeless beauty.

Antonio Meccariello - Handmade Men's Shoes
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